Developing Our Teaching Praxis Using a Japanese Lesson Study Model Applied to Corequisite Mathematics


  • Amy Lawrence-Wallquist Texas State University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Lucinda Ford Texas State University
  • Mehmet Kirmizi Texas State University
  • Cody Patterson Texas State University



In 2003, the Texas State Legislature enacted the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) coordinates the implementation of this mandate at both universities and community colleges across the state. Upon entering a postsecondary institution, non-exempt students are tested using the TSI Assessment (TSIA2), a 2021 revision of the initial TSI Assessment. A student’s scores are used to assist Texas public institutions of higher education in determining if students are prepared for introductory college coursework in the areas of English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) and mathematics. Students can be exempted from the TSIA2 if they meet college readiness standards on the SAT, ACT, or endof- course examinations in math and language arts or successfully complete a Texas high school college preparatory course, which is available to all students enrolled in a public Texas high school.

Author Biographies

Amy Lawrence-Wallquist, Texas State University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Amy Lawrence-Wallquist, MMEd, MA, is a second- year doctoral student in developmental education with a concentration in mathematics at Texas State University. Her research interests include how interventions designed to influence students' ideas about relevance of mathematics can impact engagement and achievement in developmental mathematics courses.

Lucinda Ford, Texas State University

Lucinda Ford, BS, is a doctoral candidate in mathematics education at Texas State University. Her primary research interests include research in student thinking and undergraduate mathematics, particularly student thinking in developmental mathematics.

Mehmet Kirmizi, Texas State University

Mehmet Kirmizi, PhD, recently graduated with a doctorate in mathematics education from Texas State University. His primary research interests include teacher expectancy, productive struggle, and Japanese Lesson Study for professional development, particularly in K–12 mathematics education.

Cody Patterson, Texas State University

Cody Patterson, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Texas State University. Dr. Patterson's research investigates the role that beliefs play in the teaching and learning of mathematics at both secondary and college levels.


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